Improvement Works in Lieu Scheme

The objective of this scheme is to enable housing authorities to repair, improve or extend the existing accommodation of approved housing applicants in private dwellings as an alternative to providing a social housing unit. Such works are normally considered where the house in question is unfit, overcrowded or by its design, not suitable for the particular circumstances of the applicant.

The cost of the work is normally confined to a maximum of €75,000.  Applicants will be required to make repayments on the cost of the works, which are calculated taking into account the cost of the works, the council’s current differential rent scheme and household income.  A charge is put on the property for the duration of the repayment period.

To apply for this scheme you should click on the forms link where you can download an application form for local authority housing which should be fully completed and returned stating clearly that you wish to be considered for this scheme rather than a directly provided social housing unit.