Book Clubs

Edenderry Library Book Club

Meets in Edenderry Library, every 4th Wednesday of the month at 6.30pm.

To join, please phone Edenderry Library on 046 9731028 or email

Tullamore Library Book Club

Tullamore Library's Book Club meets in the library every first Tuesday of the month at 3pm.

If you would like to join, please phone Tullamore Library on 057 93 46832 or email

Online Adult Book Club

Meets every first Thursday of the month at 7pm over Zoom.

If you would like to join, please phone your local library or send an email to

Online Young Adult Book Club

Meets every last Thursday of the month at 7pm over Zoom. Our Young Adult book club is a safe and supervised online environment which encourages the love of reading in our young members. We discuss books, movies, graphic novels and more in this fun and friendly forum.

New members under the age of 18 will need parent / guardian consent along with parent / guardian contact information to participate.

How does an online book club work?

Quite easily! All our book club members receive a link to join in on the Zoom meeting via email ( no pesky downloads!) and we discuss what we've read. Our online book clubs have members all over the county and our adult book club even has a couple of members living abroad.

We choose books that are easily available through our free app, Borrowbox - your online library of eBooks and eAudiobooks. This makes our online book club accessible for anyone who wishes to join.

Some Reader Resources

Borrowbox - Free e-books and e-audiobooks 24/7

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