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Child Colouring

Colouring and Activity Sheets

 European Capital Cities

European Flags

Going to the Shop Activity Sheet

Do you know your shapes?

 child dressed up as superhero


Colour your own Superheroes


Children cooking 

Great Recipes 

Balloon Cake Pop Recipe
Bear on Toast Recipe
Caterpillar Salad Recipe
Crunchy Rainbow Pasta Salad Recipe
Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich Recipe
Fairtrade Fortnight Lemonade Recipe
Little Red Riding Hood Recipe
Magic Wand Fruit Kebabs Recipe
Owl on Toast Recipe

Child with exercise ball 

Exercise is good for you!

Breathing Exercises

Gym Exercises

Challenge Chart

Butterfly on pink flower


Can you spot these flowers outside?

Can you see these birds?

Spring Hunt Checklist

Child with food


Learn a new language at home.

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Children dancing

These are some of our favourite songs to dance to!

"Happy" by Pharrell Williams, "ABC" by the Jackson Five and "Baby Shark" by Pinkfong!!

Find yours here on our free music streaming service!


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