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Moshi Orange

Moshi for Kids

Give your kids the best emotional start in life. Moshi improves the social and emotional wellbeing of children through an entertaining and engaging world built just for them! 

Moshi's content allows children aged 0 - 10 to filter complicated emotions like sadness, self-confidence, frustration or empathy through the safe and magical world of Moshi and recognize their feelings through the eyes of over 100 characters. 

The app is kids safe, zero ads and contains over 400 pieces of bespoke content, broken down into three main categories with new tracks released weekly. More information here.



LOTE Online for Kids is our new online database of digital books in World Languages, that allows kids to enjoy the magic of books in LOTE (Languages Other Than English). Each book also comes with English translations to help kids learn languages. LOTE Online for Kids has over 1350+ digital picture books in 45+ languages, with new books and languages released each month – helping libraries to engage immigrant, refugee, and multilingual families in their communities. Click here to get started. 

busy things

Busy Code

Busy Code introduces children (6-13) to coding and is perfect for learning programming concepts. Comprising of Code Disco and Beard Man's Adventures, children will learn how to create, run and debug simple programs through a series of fun games and activities. These programs are designed to teach code in a way that is intuitive and fun, and are built by linking simple blocks together. Children can drag and drop the blocks to assemble a program and then watch it play out right before their eyes. Click Busy Code to get started. 


Britannica Library

Encyclopaedia Britannica is filled with comprehensive and digital learning content for all age groups. It includes junior, student and adult interfaces and allows users of all abilities to access comprehensive and interactive e-learning information. Readers can access age-appropriate content on numerous topics including arts, humanities, science and maths.
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who next

 Who next...? 

Who Next...? Designed to help parents, teachers and librarians encourage children and young people to read more widely, by suggesting authors they might enjoy. Guide children who have already enjoyed stories by one writer to find others who write in a similar way. Features four age groups: 5-7, 8-11, 12-14 and 14+ with graphic novels, read out loud titles, short stories and titles for dyslexic or struggling readers.

Click Who next? for more information.

who else writes like

 Who else writes like ? 

Who Else Writes Like…? Read all the books by your favourite authors? Use this guide to try something similar from someone new. 

Click Who Else Writes Like…? for more information.

Vox Books sm

 iVox Books 

iVox is an interactive storybook app for children ages 4-8. Designed for little hands and big imaginations, iVox brings favourite stories to life with three dimensional characters and scenes that children can explore.

Click HERE for more information.


Touch-Type Read and Spell

New to Offaly Libraries, funded by Dormant Account Funding!  TTRS is an accessible, multi-sensory online literacy course that teaches reading and spelling through touch-typing. Suitable from ages seven to 107.


eBooks and eAudiobooks

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Free eMagazines 

Read a range of popular magazines using our FREE eMagazine service

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Freegal Music download here 

Free Music Streaming

Freegal® is a free music streaming service now available from Offaly Libraries.

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universal class

Free online courses

Access FREE online courses, choose from over 400 courses

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transparent languages

Learn a Language

Transparent Language Online is a language-learning platform available for FREE through Offaly Libraries. Learn a new language or brush up on one half-forgotten on your computer, phone or tablet.

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Online Newspapers and Magazines

PressReader is a website and app that connects you with the world’s best newspapers and magazines. You have FREE access to 7000+ publications from 120+ countries in 60+ languages with your library membership.


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Vision-net logo new 

Company search Ireland/UK

Vision-net.ie is now Europe's leading provider of low cost information on all Irish and UK Companies.   Click here for more info.

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Irish Newspaper Archives

Offaly Newspapers Digital Archive

( In Library access only)

Leinster express 1831 – 1851
King’s County Chronicle / Offaly Chronicle 1845 – 1963
Offaly Independent 1923 – 2005
Midland Tribune 1881 – 2019
Tullamore Tribune 1978 - 2019

Irish Times Archive

Irish Times Archive

( In Library access only)

Search the Irish Times Newspaper Archives from 1859 until the present


JSTOR Ireland Collection

( In Library access only)

The Ireland Collection is a collection of journals and other materials containing more than 70 titles, from the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries. The Ireland Collection adds titles and resources across the arts, humanities, and sciences in disciplines such as music, art, history, literature, archaeology, mathematics, and biology.


Irish Daily Papers

( In Library access only)

Using PressReader in the library gives you access to the following Irish Daily newspapers:

Irish Examiner, Daily Mail, Daily Mirror and Daily Star