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Biography - Gemma Lawlor


Gemma Lalor is an Artist from Portlaoise, Co Laois.  She goes under the name of Magically Overactive Imagination/Gemma Lalor.

All her work is from her imagination and from what her dreams are made of.  Her aim is to get the viewer thinking and to show something different from the usual everyday life. Everything inspires her from everyday use of phrases or words or just observing life in general and being able to use her imagination to exaggerate it. Her Art is for the young and the old it is all inclusive for everybody. She wants to bring out a childs inner imagination and an adults inner child.


Facebook Magically Overactive Imagination/Gemma Lalor.  Telephone 085 1076191.  E-mail  Etsy Shop Gemma Lalors Creations.  Instagram Magically Overactive Imagination