Gift a Little Boulder: an exhibition by Toni Guinan

Birr Library until Thursday 28th November (during library opening hours)


Toni Guinan is an artist working in the medium of natural stone based in Co. Offaly.  

Toni has been involved in design, arts and the creative side of life since early childhood. She is a self taught artist with her greatest inspiration coming from Mother Nature herself.  All of Toni’s creations are made with passion and by hand and each piece is unique.  Toni has a deep love of nature which inspires all of her work and provides her with the creative spark to transform beautiful stones into amazing pieces of magic. She can see every detail in the stone and can then transform them into something you will treasure.  Her pieces have a natural laid back simplicitly and the stones communicate to her, helping her guide the creative process. She approaches each piece with a desire to leave the stones fully intact and uses colour and arrangement to bring the piece to life.  Once the piece has been transformed and the image created each piece is then hand finished with a delicate layer of varnish to enhance the surface and bring the emotion to the surface.

Instagram      @gift_a_little_boulder

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Toni GuinanToni GuinanToni Guinan
Toni GuinanToni Guinan