Growth Mindset Art Exhibition

Scoil Eoin Phóil 11 set to launch Growth Mindset Art Exhibition.

Scoil Eoin Pol


The social group in Scoil Eoin Phóil 11 Naofa, Arden View, together with teachers Mary Hegarty and Audrey Donoghue, have been working on cultivating a growth mindset. Mindsets are beliefs- beliefs about yourself and your most basic qualities. People with a fixed mindset believe that their traits are simply fixed traits. They have a certain amount of brains and talent and nothing can change that. People with a growth mindset, on the other hand, see their qualities as things that can be developed through their dedication and effort.


As part of this process, the students studied the lives of successful failures. J. K. Rowling was unemployed, divorced and raising a daughter on social security while writing the first Harry Potter novel. Her novel was rejected by twelve publishing houses. Bill Gates was a Harvard University dropout and his first business, Traf-O-Data, was a failure. The students realised that no one can live their life without failure at some stage.


To illustrate a growth mindset, the pupils worked on an art project with local artist, Paula Finlay. Throughout the project, they realised that hard work and listening to a person with a skill set equals success. Skills such as using a grid, techniques to sketch and blending colours were explored and resulted in the students producing their own art piece on canvas.


The pupils of Scoil Eoin Phóil 11 will be launching their Growth Mindset Art Exhibition in Tullamore Library on June 2nd. The exhibition will be on display until the 28th of June.