Lee Feeney - Edenderry Library

 'My Furry Imagination' - Lee Feeney



Lee is 7 years old.  He was born in May 2010.  He is originally from Francis Street Edenderry, which is where he began his art as a 20 month old child.

"When he got a gift of colouring markers and paper, we taught he was too young to draw, but would enjoy scribbling.  Instead Lee drew an Elephant! He pronounced it Eh-Ph-Laaa. It was one of his favourite animals and he was delighted to get it onto paper. Since that day, Lee has been exploring and examining his world through his eyes, storing it in his imagination and then when the opportunity arrives, he draws from memory and recalls what he saw. He draws every day and it makes him very happy."


Lee Feeney - art 5Lee Feeney - art 2Lee Feeney - art 3
Lee Feeney - artLee Feeney - art 4