Regina Bracken - Tullamore Library


 “The governing quality in Regina Bracken’s work is empathy. She enjoys the visual pun of placing zebras on a zebra crossing, but this in no way makes light of the fact that, say, many animal species are endangered. On the contrary, it’s a way of approaching the issue without being sanctimonious, a bid to prompt thought rather than practice moral one-upmanship. Bracken’s fascination with animals shines through and surely stems from her desire to see things from their point of view - and her awareness that we are, so to speak, all in the same boat and share the one world.”

Aidan Dunne, Art Critic, Irish Times 2017



Regina Bracken - Sisters

Regina Bracken - Red Earth

Regina Bracken - Brown Zebra

Regina Bracken - Safe Passage

Regina Bracken - Dawn Witch

Regina Bracken - Sunset Glow