The Creative Photography Project


Featuring small photographic works of Lough Boora by participants of

St Cronans Services, Syngefield, Birr


Birr Library 2 - 31 May 2017

St. Cronans Photography Project  St. Cronans Photography Project  St. Cronans Photography Project

 St. Cronans Photography Project   St. Cronans Photography Project


A unique exhibition of small photographic works by the participants of St Cronans Services, Syngefield Birr. The culmination of a six week creative photography project led by visual artist Emma Barone under the umbrella of St Cronans Association CLG. (A community organisation providing high quality services to people with disabilities and their families), which showcases their collective and creative spirit. The exhibition will be on full view at Birr Library during the month May, which coincides with the Bealtaine Festival 2017.

The inspiration for this project came from numerous trips to Lough Boora Discovery Park, where the group took photographs of the wonderful sculptures and surrounding landscape unearthing the park’s natural treasures.

Lough Boora is home to some of the most innovative land and environmental sculptures in Ireland.

Through this project we have created artistic possibilities exploring the arts in an atmosphere of hope, growth and encouragement. We believe that by engaging in the arts and discovering our inherent sense of creative expression we are able to respond more effectively to our challenges, create personal peace and live fuller lives.

This project cultivates avenues of self expression, personal achievement and life enrichment that come with undertaking various creative photography techniques through the use of technology, photography, image enhancement and photoshop.

All of the participants have their own unique vision and understanding of the world that surrounds them and with the help of creative photography they have discovered new ways to create and depict their ideas through avenues of visual art.

Visual skills are developed through this programme by providing creative education and an environment of mutual respect and creative freedom that allows for “expression without limitation”.

All Welcome!