National Play Day at Offaly Libraries

Celebrating National Play Day in all Offaly Libraries Thursday, July 7th


We are delighted to announce that Offaly libraries will be celebrating #NationalPlayDay on Thursday next, July 7th

The aim of National Play Day is to promote play opportunities for children and young people all across the country, with this year’s theme being ‘All Play Together’.

Offaly Libraries have put together some fun mix and match items including Skipping Ropes, Play Dough, Footballs, Hula Hoops, Tennis Rackets and Balls, Chalk, Frisbees to form a variety of Play Packs promoting recreational and outdoor play.

Children are invited to drop into their local Offaly library from Thursday, 7th July to choose which items they would like to create their own individual Play Pack.

In conjunction with Play Day, Tullamore Library will have a VEX Freeplay area set up Thursday morning for visiting children to play together.

National Play Day is funded by the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth with the aim to provide a diverse range of outdoor activities for children and young people in their communities.

In addition to the Play Packs, children are invited to join our Summerstars Reading Adventure and take part in the many events and activities planned during the Summer months. Find out more here.