Boys into Books

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The Background

Boys from St. Brendan’s National School visited Birr Library and felt that all the books were pink and there were no boy’s books. It was agreed that, with the help of the boys a new space would be created in the library for boys books.

How it worked

  • A card was designed to keep track of the number of books the boys borrowed
  • The card had 16 spaces. One space was stamped for each book read
  • Each boy agreed to read 16 books in a 4 month period
  • The class visited the library with their teacher every 3 weeks

The Results

  • A class of 25 boys read 456 books in total.
  • On the 5th of June the class received their awards for completing the challenge.
  • A framed certificate was given to the school to mark the achievement.

Photograph of teacher Niall Crofton receiving the certificate of achievement for the class with County Librarian Mary Stuart and Olwyn Enright, TD

Offaly County Librarian Mary Stuart, Class Teacher Niall Crofton and local TD Olwyn Enright after the presentation of the class certificate.


Photograph of the certificate awarded to 6th class for boys into books

The certificate awarded to the school showing the class read 456 books in 4 months.