What you can borrow

Once you are a member of the library you can borrow:

  • up to 10 items at any one time

There are lots of different items that you can borrow from the library

  • Books: we have joke books, books about animals, books about arts and crafts, books about history and science and books books with all different types of stories for every age from baby to teenager
  • Nintendo DS, Nintendo WII, PSP, PS3 and Xbox games
  • DVDs, blu-ray DVDs, music CDs, story CDs

You can keep books and story CDs for 4 weeks and all DVDs and games for 1 week

If you want to keep something for longer than this, you can renew your items online or ask the librarian to renew it for you. This means that the librarian will extend the time you can keep it for, as long as another library user isn't waiting to use it.