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Sensory Offaly BookThe Sensory Offaly collections and programme are available to support children, young adults and adults with disabilities, additional needs, and learning challenges, along with their families, educators and caregivers. These may be accessed free of charge by anyone who lives, works or is in education in Offaly.



Sensory Offaly Book Collection

The Sensory Offaly Book Collection comprises fiction and non-fiction for children, young adults and adults. Tullamore, Birr, Edenderry and Clara libraries each have a selection of Sensory Offaly books, which may be borrowed by all library patrons.

 For more details on Sensory Offaly Book Collection, check out our brochure.

Sensory Offaly Toys and Equipment CollectionSensory tactile 250

The Sensory Offaly Toys and Equipment Collection contains a range of items to help in the development of fine motor, gross motor, communication and life skills. It is based in Tullamore Library, but collection from other branches may be arranged. Each of our eight branches can provide a sensory backpack for use within the library.  

Items from the collection may be borrowed by patrons registered for a Sensory Offaly library card, which can be obtained from any branch of Offaly Libraries with a referral letter from a healthcare professional. Sensory Offaly patrons may borrow up to three items at a time from the collection.

Browse the collection in the brochure below and contact your local branch to request an item. Items may differ slightly from the catalogue. All queries may be directed to Tullamore Library at or 057 934 6832.

For more details on the Sensory Offaly Toys and Equipment Collection, check out our brochure.

Sensory Room at Tullamore LibrarySensory Bubble 150

This enclosed room offers a range of sensory experiences, including a light-up bubble tube, soft-glow cubes; a seating nook behind an LED curtain, a Magic Table, and a projector.

Children, young people and vulnerable adults must be accompanied by an adult at all times. The Sensory Room is a small space, and we recommend minimising the number of users.

To book a self-directed session of up to 55 minutes in the Sensory Room, contact Tullamore Library at or 057 934 6832, or use our online booking system on our website.


Sensory Offaly Assistive Technology

Magic TableSensory Offaly magic table 150

Magic Tables are available for use in Banagher, Clara, Edenderry, Ferbane, and Tullamore libraries. This games console hosts interactive sound and light-based games on a table-top to promote physical activity, engagement and quality of life for people with dementia and cognitive disabilities. Sit at the table and touch stars to create music, or tap a caterpillar to turn it into a butterfly simply by moving your hand through the light!

The Magic Table offers a wonderful sensory experience. Contact these libraries for more information.


TTRS 200TTRS (Touch-Type, Read and Spell) is an accessible, multi-sensory online literacy programme that teaches reading and spelling through touch-typing. Suitable from ages seven to 107, this highly adaptive resource uses phonics and typing as teaching tools to improve reading and spelling. It is particularly suited to those with dyslexia, reading difficulties, and other learning differences. 

Suitable for individuals and schools, this self-guided, individually paced programme can be accessed by contacting Tullamore, Birr or Edenderry libraries. 

For more details on Sensory Offaly Assistive Technology check out our brochure.