The Government has agreed that Level 5 (with some amendments) as set out in the Plan for Living with COVID-19 will continue to apply nationally until July 5th 2021. The Government has clearly stated that there is a continued need to minimise the level of mobility and congregation of people in order to reduce all opportunities for transmission of the virus.

Please note that our library buildings have reopened to the public for Browsing Services and Contact & Collect since Monday, May 10th. Please see Library Page.

Consequently, and in line with current public health guidance, the Offices of Offaly County Council are closed for walk-in services to support this reduced mobility policy.

Public access cannot be facilitated during LEVEL 5 restrictions. Therefore, Offaly County Council services will be available by telephone, email, online post and only where absolutely necessary and in exceptional circumstances by appointment. Please read latest information.

Newspapers Online


Our online local newspaper collection has been expanded up to and including 2019 Midland and Tullamore Tribunes. These can be viewed for free at any library throughout Offaly and provide a fascinating insight into life and events in the county, dating back to 1831.

Online Newspaper Archive (available on Library PCs)


King's County Chronicle1845 - 1921
Leinster Express1831 - 1851
Midland Tribune1881 - 2019
Offaly Independent1923 - 1978
Tullamore Tribune1978 - 2019


An important archive of both local and national newspapers is available at all public libraries in Offaly. This useful resource is an invaluable source of information for everyone, from the casual reader to the academic researcher. The newspaper archive is online and fully searchable and provides a fascinating insight into Ireland throughout the years, both locally and nationally. Articles can be printed off at the library and/or sent by e-mail as desired.


Leinster Express1983 - 1988hardcopy
King's County Chronicle1845 - 1922microfilm - incomplete
Midland Tribune1881 - 2014hardcopy and microfilm up to 2013
Tullamore Tribune1978 - 2011hardcopy
Offaly Express1988 - 2008hardcopy
Offaly Topic1994 - 2011hardcopy
Offaly Chronicle1924 - 1963microfilm
Tullamore & King's County Independent1894 - 1920microfilm
Offaly Independent

1922 - 1967

1986 - 2005

Westmeath Offaly Independent1967 - 1985microfilm
Westmeath Independent1846 - 1894microfilm
East Galway Democrat1911-1913; 1922-1936
The Nation1848-1853
The Irish Catholic (The Nation)1891-1897
Hibernian Journal1820
Westmeath Guardian1888
Miscellaneous Irish Newspapers1649-1892