Age Friendly Strategy for Offaly 2018 - 2021


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Our vision is that Offaly becomes a great county in which to grow old.


The Aim:

The ultimate aim of the Age Friendly County Programme is to make Offaly a county in which;

  • Older people are supported to influence the decisions that impact their lives.
  • Older people can exercise automomy in relation to the systems, services and decisions which affect them
  • There is real respect for older people and their contribution to the county and the communities in which they live is fully valued
  • Older people are supported to live independently for as long as they wish to
  • Older people experience excellent quality of life
  • Better integration of services reduces dependency and avoidable duplication and costs


In Offaly, we want to be prepared for this future.  We recognise that our population of older people is increasing year on year, and that there will be increasing demand on service into the future.  The World Health Organisation (WHO) Age-friendly Cities and Communities Guides provides an appropriate framework which helps communities to become more supportive of older people by addressing their needs across eight themes:


Outdoor Spaces & Buildings:

Our goal is to make our oudoor spaces and buildings across Offaly pleasant, accessible and safe for older people, creating walkable communities and Age Friendly spaces.


Our goal is to provide a more seamless and appropriate continuum of housing choices and options for people as they age in Offaly.

Social Participation:

Our goal is to provide opportunities for older people to stay socially connected and to play an active part in social networks.


Our goal is to promote safe, accessible, reliable and comfortable transport services for older people.

Respect and Social Inclusion:

Our goal is to combat stereotypes, myths and negative views on ageing and prevent prejudice and discrimination against older people.

Civic Participation and Employment:

Our goal is to increase employment, volunteering and civic participation among older people.

Communication and Information:

Our goal is to ensure that older people can access timely, practical information about what is happening in their communities.

Community support and health services:

Our goal is to provide older people with easily accessible health and community services and with help with, and access to, everyday activities and high quality home care and residential facilities.


This strategy will involve the implementation of real change - very often in a range of practical, imaginative and cost-effective ways.  The strategy involves a commitment to action on the part of a range of agencies and organization.  We see this strategy document as a call to action to agencies and organisations in the statutory, community and business sectors from across the county to collaborate with older people and to work creatively together to make Offaly a great county in which to grow older.

If you have any questions regarding our Library services in Offaly please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.  Tel: Tullamore Library on 057 9346832 or email

(Full Offaly Age Friendly County Strategy.pdf document available to download shortly)


Role of Age Friendly Ireland

Established in January 2014 as an intermediary organisation, Age Friendly Ireland coordinates the national Age Friendly Cities and Counties Programme. The Programme brings together, supports and provides technical guidance to the 31 local authority-led, multi-agency Age Friendly City and County Programmes in every local authority area.

Age Friendly Ireland provides the links between the National Positive Ageing Strategy and the Global Age-friendly Cities Guide, published by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in 2007. The Age Friendly Cities and Counties Programme represents the formal localisation of this defined global programme in Ireland.

The WHO programme involves a multi-agency, multi-sectoral approach to age-related planning and service provision. Applying this methodology consistently throughout the country, Age Friendly Ireland helps cities and counties to be more inclusive of older people by addressing their expressed concerns under eight headings:

Outdoor Spaces & Buildings, Transportation, Housing, Respect & Social Inclusion, Social Participation, Communication & Information, Civic Participation & Employment, Community Support & Health Services.


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