My Open Library now available at Ferbane Library



There will be a public information meeting regarding My Open Library Service held in Ferbane Library on Thursday 18th October at 6.30pm and Saturday 20th October at 11.30am.


All members of the public are invited to attend.  There will be information on the My Open Library Service, Q&A and all interested people will be signed up to the service, received their health & safety talk and become MOL members. 


About My Open Library


Members of Banagher, Ferbane and Tullamore Library can now access the library on a self-service basis 7 days a week.  The Library is open on a self-service basis outside of normal opening times.   Available from 8am - 10pm 7 days a week.


During My Open Library hours you can : Borrow & Return items, Print, Photocopy, Use the Internet, Have access to Free Wifi and use our study space.


Become a My Open Library member today!  Call in to Banagher, Ferbane or Tullamore Library and complete an enquiry form.