Authorised Weighbridges

The Motor Taxation office will accept printed weight dockets from any of the below weighbridges for motor taxation purposes.

Weight dockets from other counties must be from a weigh bridge approved by the local Motor Taxation Office

Hand written weight dockets are not acceptable at any time.

Please note a Weigh Master Certificate is also required - a list of authorised weighbridges is provided below.  All sites can provide a Weigh Master Certificate AND a printed weight docket at the time of getting a vehicle weighed.  

Approved / Authorised Weighbridges in Co Offaly

1Offaly County CouncilBallydrohid, Rahan Road, Tullamore, Co Offaly057 9346800
2Offaly County CouncilDerryclure Landfill Site, Killeigh Road, Co Offaly057 9344186
3GlanbiaSpollenstown, Tullamore, Co Offaly057 9341310
4Bord Na MonaDerrinlough, Birr, Co Offaly057 9133057