Road Worthiness Testing and the NCT

Commercial Vehicles:

NB: If you have been issued a Light or Heavy Certificate of Roadworthiness Pass Statement by a vehicle tester you must submit it with your Motor Tax application form and to receive your Certificate of Roadworthiness.  The fee for this is currently an additional €6.00 for light commercials (vehicles with a DGVW of less than 3,500kgs) and €13.00 for heavy commercials

a) All Heavy Goods Vehicles with a design gross vehicle weight (ie the maximum weight the vehicle is designed to carry exceeding 3.5 tons).
b) All trailers with a design gross vehicle weight exceeding 3.5 tons and over one year old
c) Buses with more than 9 passenger seats and over one year old
d) Ambulances over one year old.

This system of certification is being phased out and eventually all Certificates of Roadworhtiness will be issued by Commercial Vehicle Roadworhtiness testing (

All commercial vehicles must to be tested annually, on the anniversary of the date of their first registration.

Motor caravans must be tested on the fourth anniversary of first registration and thereafter every two years until the vehicle is ten years old, after which annual testing applies. Motor Caravans registered prior to 1st January 1980 are exempt from testing

If you own a van, jeep adapted for commercial use or motor caravan it must undergo a Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness Test even if it is taxed privately. 

For all information on road worthiness please follow this link:  You need to include your CRW in your motor tax application, so that you can be issued a new tax disca new tax disc

Private Cars and Jeeps:

Cars and Jeeps with passenger accommodation are tested under the National Car Test system (crewcab jeeps are not they must undergo a CVR test).  Cars are first tested four or more years after they are first registered* and every two years thereafter until they are 10 years old when they are tested annually.  The certificate is valid until a further one or two years of the cars age has elapsed (eg if a car tested at 5 years old the cert will only last until the 6th anniversary of the cars registration).

For queries relating to the National Car Test (NCT) please contact: Customer Services Department, National Car Testing Service (NCTS), Lakedrive 3026, Citywest Business Campus, Naas Road, Dublin 24, t) 1890 412 413, f) (01) 413 5982 or e-mail

*For imported cars this is the date the vehicle was originally registered in the state from which it was imported

Taxis and SPSVs:

Taxis and Small Public Service Vehicles are regulated by the National Transport Authority and information for these vehicles can be found by following this link: