A New Training Partnership

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 To ensure a high quality music education experience for the children of Offaly and Westmeath, Music Generation Offaly Westmeath is partnering DIT Conservatory of Music & Drama, the Kodaly Society of Ireland and the Athlone Education Centre to create a training programme for the tutors working with us.

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DIT Conservatory of Music & Drama has a distinguished history of training musicians of exceptional quality. DIT Conservatory of Music & Drama are collaborating with Music Generation Offaly Westmeath to develop unique training with the express purpose of educating and preparing our tutors to meet the challenges of providing a practical experience of music in the classroom. All of DIT's experience is being brought directly into the Midlands Region for the benefit of Offaly and Westmeath schools.

In addition to DIT, The Athlone Education Centre - which not only provides the accommodation and resources for the training sessions, but brings knowledge in the area of implementing and managing Continual Professional Development courses together with a particular interest in music in pre and primary school settings - and The Kodaly Society of Ireland - with their extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of Kodály in the classroom - are also partnering Music Generation Offaly Westmeath in this new and exciting approach to music education in pre and primary schools.



 Group Photo Training

Kodaly Training Participants 2013/ 2014 pictured with Dr. Lorraine O'Connell (DIT Conservatory of Music & Drama - seated far right) and Margaret Broome (MGOW Development Officer - seated far left)