The BIG SING 2014

The BIG SING 2014

6th April, 2014

Big Sing



The BIG SING event took place on Sunday 6th April in The Mansion House, Dublin.

Over 400 youngsters, all participating in Music Generation programmes in their counties, travelled to Dublin and succeeded in 'raising the roof' in an outstanding closing concert.

From Offaly Westmeath, 50 talented singers made the journey to take part in the Festival Choir having learnt a challenging and sophisticated repertoire of songs, over a very short period, to an exceptionally high standard.

We were lucky in our preparations that Dr. Doreen Rao visited Moate Community School on Thursday 3rd, and led a tough, demanding rehearsal.

It was truly a 'once in a lifetime' experience, and congratulations to all of those students, their Music Generation Choral Tutors, and their teachers for their dedication and commitment.

The Big Sing was an outstanding achievement - Well Done!!

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