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  • MGOW Programmes for 2014/ 2015   

Information on how to get involved with Music Generation Offaly Westmeath, and all of our programmes has been up-dated for 2014/ 2015 and is now available HERE.

  • Kodaly Programme

Kodaly Programme Information 2014-2015.docx (size 373.7 KB)


  • Play an Instrument' Outreach Programme

N.B. It is not possible to commit to single tuition sessions under any circumstances

 Option 1: Classroom Tuition Opportunities

Classroom Opportunities 2013.pdf (size 264.7 KB)

Option 2: Small Group Tuition Opportunities

This strand differs from the classroom tuition programme in 4 key ways:

  • It is delivered to students electively participating, availing of a group lesson, with children leaving the classroom to attend the tuition during the school day, or returning to school after hours for lessons.
  • A resource bank of beginner instruments will be made available over time and is currently under development. When in place, instruments may be rented from Music Generation Offaly Westmeath for a nominal fee per term. Once available, the instrument (except in the case of piano) would be available to the child to take home.
  • Aimed towards beginner and intermediate players, it is expected that pupils (and parents) will understand that this strand requires a commitment to attend tuition on a weekly basis over an extended period of time and that practise between lessons is essential for progress to be made.
  • This programme requires a long-term commitment from participating pupils and their parents -- it is not a taster course.


It may not be possible to accommodate specific instrument requests made, however requests from groups who either already own instruments or are willing to purchase/ rent will be accommodated where possible.

Schools that would be able to accommodate a minimum teaching commitment of 2 hours (i.e c.8 pupils in 2 groups of 4) can apply for tuition, schools/ other settings that are interested in hosting after school lessons should read the attached requirements before applying for consideration.

Small Group Tuition 2013.pdf (size 246.8 KB)

  • Choral Music Programme

Choral Music Programme 2013.pdf (size 273.9 KB)