Offaly County Council wishes to advise that the following Public Offices will re- open public counters on Thursday 5th August 2021 from 9.30 am to 1.00 pm Monday to Friday:

Áras an Chontae, Charleville Road, Tullamore

Tullamore Tullamore Municipal District Offices

The Public Offices listed below will open as follows:

** Edenderry Municipal District Offices (Tuesday-Thursday each week from 9.30 am to 1.00 pm only)

** Birr Municipal District Offices (Tuesday-Thursday each week from 9.30 am to 1pm only)

At Áras an Chontae, Tullamore, counter services for Planning, Roads, the Local Enterprise Office, Community & Culture, Corporate Services, Water Services and Environment will be available by APPOINTMENT MADE IN ADVANCE only.

Where possible the public should continue to access our services by phone, email, online or by appointment. Please read for latest information and measures in place.

Tullamore Town & Environs Development Plan (Extended until 2020)

Written Statement

Chapter 1 Introduction and Vision.pdf (size 165.2 KB)

Chapter 2 Tullamore Town - Midlands Linked Gateway Town.pdf (size 715 KB)

Chapter 3 Context and Challenges.pdf (size 105.1 KB)

Chapter 4 Overall Strategy.pdf (size 954.2 KB)

Chapter 5 Masterplans.pdf (size 11.2 MB)

Chapter 6 Employment Economy and Enterprise.pdf (size 73.1 KB)

Chapter 7 Town Centre, Renewal and Retail.pdf (size 810.2 KB)

Chapter 8 Transport, Movement and Accessibility.pdf (size 84.8 KB)

Chapter 9 Tourism.pdf (size 198.2 KB)

Chapter 10 Infrastructure and Environment.pdf (size 159.3 KB)

Chapter 11 Community, Social, Cultural and Sports Development.pdf (size 242.2 KB)

Chapter 12 Built Heritage.pdf (size 154.1 KB)

Chapter 13 Natural Heritage, Landscape and Amenities.pdf (size 70.7 KB)

Chapter 14 Development Standards.pdf (size 131.1 KB)

Chapter 15 Land Use and Zoning Matrix


Map 1.1 Strategic Location.pdf (size 1.8 MB)

Map 1.2 Tullamore Town and Environs Boundaries.pdf (size 1.7 MB)

Map 2.1 Strategic Location - Gateway.pdf (size 1.8 MB)

Map 2.2 Location of Broadband (MAN).pdf (size 1.4 MB)

Map 7.1 Town Centre.pdf (size 794.9 KB)

Map 7.2 Town Centre Areas.pdf (size 797 KB)

Map 7.3 Potential Opportunity Sites.pdf (size 7.9 MB)

Map 7.4 Location of Landmark/Gateway/Tall Buildings.pdf (size 806.2 KB)

Map 8.1 Strategic Distributor Network and Linkages.pdf (size 1.8 MB)

Map 10.1 Groundwater Vulnerability.pdf (size 1.7 MB)

Map 10.2 Groundwater Protection Zones.pdf (size 1.6 MB)

Map 10.3 Flood Extent - 1 in 100 years.pdf (size 240.8 KB)

Map 10.4 Civic Amenities.pdf (size 1.6 MB)

Map 12.1 Zones of Archaeological Potential.pdf (size 291.7 KB)

Map 13.1 Location of pNHA's.pdf (size 311.4 KB)

Map 13.2 Location of cSACs.pdf (size 1.6 MB)

Map 13.3 Topography.pdf (size 1.5 MB)

Map 13.4 Corine Landcover.pdf (size 1.6 MB)

Map 13.5 Location of Eskers.pdf (size 1.5 MB)

Map 13.6 Landscape Classification.pdf (size 2.9 MB)

Map 13.7 Areas of High Amenity.pdf (size 1.5 MB)

Map 15 Land Use Zoning Map

Accompanying Documents

Record of Protected Structures.pdf (size 2.1 MB)

AA Screening Report.pdf (size 288.3 KB)

AA Screening Appendix.pdf (size 234.6 KB)

Environmental Report.pdf (size 4.6 MB)

Appendix II Non Technical Summary.pdf (size 3.1 MB)