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Adopted Variation No 2 to Tullamore Town & Environs Development Plan

 Notice is hereby given that Tullamore Town Council and Offaly County Council being the Planning Authorities for the Tullamore Town and Environs Area have adopted a variation to the Tullamore Town and Environs Development Plan 2010-2016.

Variation No. 2 to the Tullamore Town and Environs Development Plan 2010-2016 was adopted on the 9th of May by Tullamore Town Council and on the 20th May by Offaly County Council.

The Variation is fully effective from the 20th May 2013.

Variation No.2 comprises of 2 parts:

  • Part A: the inclusion of a Core Strategy and
  • Part B:
  1. The inclusion of development standards for landscape buffer areas in Chapter 14;
  2. The inclusion of the term and explanation ‘Landscape Buffer’ in Chapter 15, and
  3. Reduction in width by 50% of a portion of land zoned Open Space to the South of Tullamore at Clonminch providing for an increase of Business/Employment zoned lands

Written Statement

Adopted Variation No 2 to TTEDP - Written Statement.pdf (size 1.8 MB)

Screening Reports

SEA Determination.pdf (size 83.1 KB)

SEA Screening Report.pdf (size 1.4 MB)

Landscape Buffer Appraisal .pdf (size 2.8 MB)

Habitats Directive Screening Report.pdf (size 802 KB)