Planning Forms

Download all available forms here: 

Planning Forms

Planning Applications pack including Planning Application Form and Supplementary Forms can be found here

Pre Planning Application Form - Single Dwelling .pdf (size 311.6 KB)

Pre Planning Application Form - Other than a Single Dwelling .pdf (size 276.4 KB)

Extension of Appropriate Period.pdf (size 327.1 KB)

Application for a Further Extension of Appropriate Period.pdf (size 287.3 KB)

Significant Further Information or Revised Plans .pdf (size 163.7 KB)

Certificate of Exemption Application Form.pdf (size 132.1 KB)

Submission Form.pdf (size 248.4 KB)

Other Forms 

Application for Licensing of Signs, Applications, Structures, etc Under Section 254.pdf (size 11.1 KB)

Application Form for Tables and Chairs .pdf (size 17.2 KB)

Application for Scaffolding-Hoarding Licence.pdf (size 65.9 KB)

Planning Enforcement Complaint Form .pdf (size 18.2 KB)

Application Form for a Section 57 Declaration - Protected Structures.pdf (size 50.9 KB)

Application Form for Section 5 Declaration.pdf (size 187.3 KB)

Exempted Development - Change of Use Exemption Form .pdf (size 122.1 KB)


An Bord Pleanála - Making a Planning Appeal .pdf (size 272 KB)

Planning Leaflets - OPR

The Office of the Planning Regulator and the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage have published a series of planning leaflets dealing with all aspects of the planning system. These leaflets cover a wide range of issues including how to prepare and lodge a planning application, how to make a planning appeal, requirements for change of use, building extensions, garages, domestic sheds, agricultural development, etc. The leaflets are available free of charge at the link below

OPR Planning Leaflets

Foirmeacha Pleanála as Gaeilge

Fógra Láithreáin

Fógra Láithreáin Maidir Le Tuilleadh Faisnéise/Pleananna Athbhreithnithe

Fógra Nuachtáin Samplach

Foirm Iarrantais Pleanála