Birr Local Area Plan 2023-2029


Offaly County Council is commencing the preparation of a Local Area Plan (LAP) for Birr Town which includes Crinkill. This presents an opportunity to you to shape Birr into the future and to have a say when it comes to important issues such as climate action, energy, biodiversity, heritage, housing, transportation, environmental protection, employment & enterprise, community, tourism, recreation, regeneration, and retail. 

As part of this process, there will be the following stages:

  • Pre-Draft Stage
  • Draft Stage
  • Material Alteration Stage
  • Adopted Birr Local Area Plan

Local Area Plan making process:

Birr LAP Timeline

Please keep an eye on the local newspaper and this website ( for notifications of opportunities to make submissions and any updates on the Birr Local Area Plan 2023-2029.