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Transboundary Environmental Public Consultation - Decision on the extension of the operational life of the Doel 1 & 2 Nuclear Power Plants, located near the Port of Antwerp, Belgium

1A. Notification Received from Belgium Aug 2020.pdf (size 1.7 MB)

1B. Notification received from Belgium April 2021.pdf (size 157.7 KB)

4. EPA advice in Sept 2020 response to the FANC screeing report.pdf (size 111.3 KB)

Making submissions or observations

A submission or observation in relation to the potential transboundary environmental effects of the development may be made in writing or by e-mail to the Planning Section in Offaly County Council for the area in which the person lives or the head office of the body concerned is located (see contact details for each planning authority at the bottom of this page). All submissions or observations must –

1. be titled “Transboundary environmental public consultation – Doel 1 & 2 Nuclear Power Plants”,

2. include the name and address of the person, authority or body making the submission or observations and the name of the person, if any, acting on behalf of that person, authority or body, and;

3. include reasons, considerations and arguments on which the submission or observations is based.

Deadlines for submissions or observations

The deadline for the receipt of written submissions or observations by the planning authority under this transboundary consultation process is close of business on Wednesday 23 June 2021 at the latest. Submissions or observations will not be individually acknowledged or responded to by the planning authority. The Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage will not accept submissions or observations in relation to the consultation.

For further details, please refer to the Department website as follows;