Abnormal Load Permit

A Special Permit is required for the use of heavy or wide loads on a public road by any vehicle or trailer where laden weight, dimensions etc. exceed allowed limits.

The fees for an Abnormal Load Permit are as follows:

Single Journey / Daily Permit€60.00
3 Month Permit€150.00
Annual Permit€500.00

The Permit is subject to the following conditions:

  • You shall indemnify the Council against any damage to public roads or bridges caused by the use of the vehicles concerned.
  • This extraordinary traffic shall not pass through Tullamore Town, but shall, alternatively, use the Western Relief Road & the N80 Tullamore Bypass when possible.
  • Garda Authorities to be notified and consulted with in advance of moving load.
  • Advance warning to other traffic to be provided to the front and rear of the vehicles.
  • Lay-bys to be availed of in order to allow traffic to pass, to avoid traffic congestion along the route.
  • You must satisfy yourself that the proposed route is capable of accommodating your proposed load and that no delays, hold-ups or disruption will be caused to other traffic.
  • The Permit is granted on the basis that the loads should be displayed.
  • Proper signs showing the overall length of the load should be displayed.
  • Please note that the granting of a permit does not relieve the applicant of the obligation to assess the suitability and safety for a vehicle carrying a load of abnormal weights and dimensions, and of the driver to drive with extra care and attention when approaching overhead bridges, cables, etc.

Download Abnormal Road Permit Form:  Abnormal Load Application Form .pdf (size 491 KB)