Hackney Licence

Hackney Licences

Regulation 22 of the Small Public Service Vehicle (Consolidation and Reform) Regulations 2014 (S.I. 165 of 2014)sets out the process for the obtaining of a local area hackney vehicle licence.    Regulation 9 of the same document then sets out the process for the obtaining of a licence to drive a local area hackney, if the driver does not already hold a licence to drive small public services vehicles.

The licensing of a local area hackney service is intended to address transport deficits that would not otherwise be addressed in certain rural areas.   It is not intended to replace or displace conventional taxi or hackney services.

It is intended that the local area hackney licence would apply in certain rural areas which are likely to be too small to support a full time taxi or hackney operation, and which are too far from adjacent centres to be serviced by taxis or hackneys from those adjacent centres.

Before applying to the National Transport Authority applicants must first submit the following to the relevant local authority:-

.       A map showing the relevant area and submit this map as part of request for the local authority confirmation of the need for the service.

.       The map does not need to be very detailed but should show clearly the key characteristics of the area – village/towns in or close to the area, key roads, and other significant features.

.       An extract from the Ordnance Survey atlas or an extract form an online map programme should suffice.    The map should have clearly marked on it the boundaries of the area proposed to be served by the applicant.    This is meant to indicate the area of passenger pick-up of the proposed service – it does not preclude delivery of passengers to destinations outside of the pick-up area.    It would be expected that many areas would be represented by a 5 to 7 kilometres radius from a defined central point, such as a village.

.       Set out in detail what hackney or taxi services operate in the area or are based in another adjacent area but provide services to the relevant community.

.       Set out key characteristics of area in terms of villages or towns included in the proposed service area and schools, pubs, post offices, main shops and churches existing within the designated area and key nearby destinations in terms of hospitals, clinics, shops, entertainment locations in the towns or other locations outside of the designed service area.

.    Applicants for the licence will be required to provide written confirmation of the need for a local area hackney service from either:

a)   an established body representing local businesses; or

b)   by a community group who has been granted charitable tax status by Revenue.

Upon receipt of the foregoing the local authority will undertake a needs analysis and notify the applicant of the decision.   Following this decision it will allow an application for a Local Rural Hackney Licence to be submitted to the National Transport Authority.

Guidance Notes - Local Area Hackney .pdf (size 47.8 KB)

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