Offaly County Council wishes to advise that the following Public Offices will re- open public counters on Thursday 5th August 2021 from 9.30 am to 1.00 pm Monday to Friday:

Áras an Chontae, Charleville Road, Tullamore

Tullamore Tullamore Municipal District Offices

The Public Offices listed below will open as follows:

** Edenderry Municipal District Offices (Tuesday-Thursday each week from 9.30 am to 1.00 pm only)

** Birr Municipal District Offices (Tuesday-Thursday each week from 9.30 am to 1pm only)

At Áras an Chontae, Tullamore, counter services for Planning, Roads, the Local Enterprise Office, Community & Culture, Corporate Services, Water Services and Environment will be available by APPOINTMENT MADE IN ADVANCE only.

Where possible the public should continue to access our services by phone, email, online or by appointment. Please read for latest information and measures in place.

Road Traffic (Special Speed Limits) Co. of Offaly Bye Laws 2017

Speed Limit Bye - Laws 2017

Attached is the Speed Limit Bye Laws 2017 and accompanying maps

Bye Laws 2017.pdf (size 368.4 KB)

SL003001-Ballina Cross.pdf (size 766.5 KB)

SL003002-Ballinagar.pdf (size 362.7 KB)

SL003003-Ballinamere.pdf (size 275.6 KB)

SL003004-Ballyboy.pdf (size 282.7 KB)

SL003005-Ballybryan School.pdf (size 274.1 KB)

SL003006-Ballycumber.pdf (size 225.1 KB)

SL003007-Ballyfore Cross.pdf (size 256.6 KB)

SL003008-Banagher.pdf (size 499.4 KB)

SL003009-Barna.pdf (size 268.8 KB)

SL003010-Belmont.pdf (size 158.3 KB)

SL003011-Birr A.pdf (size 177.9 KB)

SL003011-Birr B.pdf (size 491 KB)

SL003011-Birr C.pdf (size 1 MB)

SL003011-Birr D.pdf (size 601 KB)

SL003011-Birr E.pdf (size 406.3 KB)

SL003012-Blueball.pdf (size 245.8 KB)

SL003013-Boher.pdf (size 289.1 KB)

SL003015-Bracknagh.pdf (size 290.6 KB)

SL003014-Boora.pdf (size 237.3 KB)

SL003016-Brosna.pdf (size 247.8 KB)

SL003017-Broughal School.pdf (size 262.1 KB)

SL003015-Bracknagh.pdf (size 290.6 KB)

SL003018-Cadamstown.pdf (size 267.7 KB)

SL003019-Cappagh School.pdf (size 271.7 KB)

SL003020-Clara A.pdf (size 804.4 KB)

SL003020-Clara B.pdf (size 343.2 KB)

SL003020-Clara C.pdf (size 628.3 KB)

SL003021-Clareen.pdf (size 642.9 KB)

SL003022-Cloghan.pdf (size 206 KB)

SL003023-Clonbullogue.pdf (size 273.6 KB)

SL003024-Cloneygowan.pdf (size 284.2 KB)

SL003025-Cloneyhurke School.pdf (size 258.5 KB)

SL003026-Clonlisk.pdf (size 254.4 KB)

SL003027-Clonmacnoise School.pdf (size 265.1 KB)

SL003028-Coolanarney School.pdf (size 250.2 KB)

SL003029-Coolderry.pdf (size 257.3 KB)

SL003030-Crinkle.pdf (size 409.5 KB)

SL003031-Croghan.pdf (size 257.9 KB)

SL003032-Daingean.pdf (size 490.2 KB)

SL003033-Dernagun.pdf (size 296.6 KB)

SL003034-Doon.pdf (size 274.5 KB)

SL003035-Drumakeenan School.pdf (size 266.1 KB)

SL003036-Dunkerrin.pdf (size 168.6 KB)

SL003037-Durrow.pdf (size 266.8 KB)

SL003038-Edenderry A.pdf (size 446.2 KB)

SL003038-Edenderry B.pdf (size 445.8 KB)

SL003038-Edenderry C.pdf (size 492.8 KB)

SL003039-Ferbane.pdf (size 488.4 KB)

SL003040-Fivealley.pdf (size 158.1 KB)

SL003041-Garryhinch.pdf (size 254 KB)

SL003042-Geashill.pdf (size 228.6 KB)

SL003043-Gortnamona School.pdf (size 260.4 KB)

SL003044-High Street.pdf (size 253.7 KB)

SL003045-Horseleap-A.pdf (size 421.9 KB)

SL003045-Horseleap-B.pdf (size 540 KB)

SL003045-Horseleap-C.pdf (size 455.8 KB)

SL003046-Kilcormac.pdf (size 378.2 KB)

SL003047-Killeigh.pdf (size 211.8 KB)

SL003048-Killina.pdf (size 137.5 KB)

SL003049-Killurin.pdf (size 140.4 KB)

SL003050-Killyon.pdf (size 264.4 KB)

SL003051-Kinnitty.pdf (size 360.9 KB)

SL003052-Lemanaghan.pdf (size 136.5 KB)

SL003053-Lumcloon School.pdf (size 270.5 KB)

SL003054-Lusmagh.pdf (size 147.7 KB)

SL003055-Moneygall.pdf (size 213.6 KB)

SL003056-Mountbolus.pdf (size 289.5 KB)

SL003057-Mount Lucas.pdf (size 258.2 KB)

SL003058-Mucklagh.pdf (size 333.8 KB)

SL003059-Pollagh.pdf (size 189.2 KB)

SL003060-Portarlington.pdf (size 1 MB)

SL003061-Rahan.pdf (size 190.7 KB)

SL003062-Rashina School.pdf (size 269.2 KB)

SL003063-Rath.pdf (size 275.4 KB)

SL003064-Rhode.pdf (size 368.7 KB)

SL003065-Riverstown.pdf (size 323.4 KB)

SL003066-Roscomroe.pdf (size 119.8 KB)

SL003067-Roscrea A.pdf (size 594 KB)

SL003067-Roscrea B.pdf (size 747.2 KB)

SL003067-Roscrea C.pdf (size 487.1 KB)

SL003068-Shannon Harbour.pdf (size 275.4 KB)

SL003069-Shannonbridge.pdf (size 183.4 KB)

SL003070-Shinrone.pdf (size 232.6 KB)

SL003071-Tober.pdf (size 189.7 KB)

SL003072-Tullamore A.pdf (size 580 KB)

SL003072-Tullamore B.pdf (size 978.9 KB)

SL003072-Tullamore C.pdf (size 1.1 MB)

SL003072-Tullamore D.pdf (size 1.1 MB)

SL003072-Tullamore E.pdf (size 1.2 MB)

SL003073-Walsh Island.pdf (size 191.2 KB)

SL003074-M6 junction.pdf (size 153.5 KB)