Offaly County Council Winter Maintenance Plan 2019-2020


The purpose of this document is to identify the processes, procedures and key personnel employed by Offaly County Council, to deliver the winter service operation for County Offaly

It is the intention of Offaly County Council to deliver a coordinated programme of winter service operations on routes of given designated priority. Routes are designated a priority rating of between 1 and 3 based upon the particular class of public road, traffic volumes carried and the importance of the route on a national, regional or local level. The priority rating assigned to a particular route also has an associated stated level of service to be delivered on the route. This Year in terms of traffic volumes the following rationale generally applies: - Priority 1 - All National Roads & Regional Roads >5000 AADT Priority 2 - All Roads 3000 - 5000 AADT Priority 3 - All Regional Roads >1100 - 3000 AADT

Winter Maintenance Plan 2019-2020