Drinking Water Quality

Irish Water is responsible for managing and delivering water services to homes and businesses served by Public Water Supplies and Wastewater Agglomerations.  For further information or to report an issue with:

  • Water Supply
  • Water Quality
  • Wastewater

Please contact Irish Water by either of the following:

Web:  www.water.ie

Twitter:  @IrishWater

Telephone:  1890 278 278

Minicom:  1890 378 378 (For hearing impaired customers with minicom equipment)

Postal Address:  Irish Water,  PO Box 860, South City Delivery Office, Cork City

Irish Water - Public Water Supplies


Please click on the link below for Drinking Water Quality Data Summary


irishwater        http://www.water.ie/water-supply/water-quality/results/summary


For further information please contact Irish Water on:

1850 278 278

Small Private Supplies

Small Private Supplies, involved in the provision of water to the public, are legally obliged to have Water Quality tests undertaken, outlined in the European Communities Regulations 2014 (S.I. 122 of 2014) and 2017 amendment (S.I No. 464 of 2017)

What types of tests are required?

Compliance monitoring:

Two different types of tests are required, measuring a range of parameters. These tests are titled ‘Group A parameters’ previously called ‘check parameters’ (a ‘check’ comprises some  ‘microbiological’, ‘indicator’ and ‘chemical’ parameters) and Group B parameters previously called ‘audit parameters’. (‘Audit’ comprises all parameters from the Microbiological, Chemical and Indicatory categories covered in the 2017 Drinking Water Regulations). Frequency for both categories is based on volume used per day/consumers on the supply.  Data from this category is returned to the EPA on an annual basis and forms part of the annual drinking water returns from Offaly County Council.

Operational Monitoring:

This category comprises E.coli, Coliform Bacteria and Colony Count @ 22°c  and can change pending changes in water quality. Results are used to assess water treatment and will demonstrate if chlorine dosing is being managed effectively. Results from this category will not be returned to the EPA.

 For further information please refer to the documents below:

2014 Drinking Water Regulations.pdf (size 355 KB)

2017 Drinking Water Regulations.pdf (size 216.6 KB)

Focus on Private Water Supplies 2018.pdf (size 3.3 MB)

SPS Q and A Final.pdf (size 122.4 KB)