Connecting to a Group Water Scheme

What is a Group Water Scheme

It is very common in rural areas that households are not connected to a public water supply, but are served by group water schemes. These schemes are formed by two or more households coming together to provide their own common water supply.

To find out if there is a group water scheme in your area contact the Water Services Section for details 05793 57416.

Setting up a Group Water Scheme

Group Schemes may be set up by a group of two or more householders getting together to provide themselves with a water supply where no such supply (or a seriously deficient supply) already exists.

The group elects trustees who then act on behalf of the group members in all dealings with Offaly Local Authorities.

The benefits for the group are greater economies of scale than individuals trying to source water and organise piping, filtration etc.

Taking a Group Water Scheme in Charge

Funding of up to 100% of the cost is provided only where existing group scheme water quality is deficient, where the group serves more than 50 persons and where the identified solution is to have the scheme taken in charge by the Council. No group scheme will be taken over without the agreement of the group.

Subsidy Information

For subsidy purposes, a group water scheme is defined as:

“A scheme providing a private supply of water to two or more houses by means of a common or shared source of supply and distribution system”

Any enquiries about the subsidy should be addressed to Rural Water Programme Liaison Officer.

The Memorandum below sets out the terms and conditions applicable to the annual subsidy payable by local authorities towards the operational costs of group water schemes supplying water for domestic use.  

Subsidy Explanatory Memorandum

WS1 Sub Annual & Advance Subsidy Application Form

 Additional information for Group Water Schemes is available at