What is a Group Water Scheme

What is a Group Water Scheme?

  • Usually group schemes are established in areas where the Offaly Local Authorities either do not intend to install a water supply system or don't have immediate plans to install one.
  • Group water schemes can get water supplies from the public mains (if possible) or a private source (well or lake, etc.).
  • You still have to pay for your water if you belong to a private group water scheme.
  • Offaly Local Authorities provide grants for each house in a group scheme.
  • Any additional costs must be met by the members of the group scheme.
  • Local authorities have no input into the running of group schemes and are not responsible for maintaining group scheme pipes and filtration systems but they do have the authority to test the water supply and make sure it is safe for drinking.
  • Subsidy grants towards the running costs of the group water scheme are administered by Offaly County Council

Please click on links below to download Subsidy Application forms and Memorandum:

Subsidy Explanatory Memorandum

WS1 Sub Annual & Advance Subsidy Application Form

What is the Role of the Council

Our functions in relation to group water schemes include:

  • Facilitating the setting up of Group Schemes
  • Payment of Capital Grants for new schemes
  • Taking in charge of existing group water schemes
  • Upgrading existing group water schemes
  • Payment of annual subsides towards the operational costs of group water schemes
  • Provision of technical expertise in the operation of schemes