Individual Water Supply / Well

For important advice on using private wells, see the attached information leaflet - private well info.

For further information on protecting your private well click here.

Individual Water Supply Grant Scheme

  • Under this scheme, if your house is more than 7 years old and not connected to either a public or group scheme, you may be eligible for a grant, (subject to some conditions).
  • The grant is subject to a maximum of 2,031.58 euro (or 75% of cost of the work, whichever is the lesser) and must be used for the provision of a new water supply or the upgrading of an existing one.
  • Only one grant per house will be allowed in any 10-year period and to qualify for the grant, the work you propose must cost more than € 635 euro.
  • A local authority inspection will be carried out before any work starts.
  • The kind of work that would be eligible for the grant is the drilling of a new well or the provision of essential pumping or water filtration/disinfection equipment.

N.B. - The well grant scheme is currently being revised and this website will be updated with the new terms and conditions and new application form as soon as possible.

Frequently asked questions:

How much water will I need?

You should allow 230 litres (50 gallons) of water a day for each person in your household. Obviously a farm will require much more, varying from about 140 litres (30 gallons) a day for a dairy cow to about 20 litres (4 gallons) a day for 100 chickens. You must be sure that your well will be able to provide your daily water needs without going dry. For more advice, you should contact us directly. 

How do I know the water is safe to use?

When your well is drilled, you should seal it against pollution and make sure it is disinfected. After a few days, you should send a sample of disinfected water from your well to the local Health Service Executive (HSE) for testing. It will then let you know whether your well water is up to drinking standards. If you find out that your water supply has been polluted by negligence, you should contact us. Offaly County Council has the authority to prosecute those responsible under the Local Government (Water Pollution Act), 1977.