2023 EMD Community Grant Scheme


As part of Edenderry Municipals District’s commitment to supporting communities, the former General Municipal District Allocation Fund has been revised and is now called the General Municipal District Community Support Scheme.

What is the purpose of the Community Support Scheme?

The purpose of the Scheme is to encourage and support individuals, community and voluntary groups to take an active part in the development of their communities and to improve the quality of life experience in their areas.


Who should apply?

Any individual, community and voluntary group operating in Edenderry Municipal District may apply. Public sector organisations are not eligible to make an application.


What types of proposals are considered?

The Scheme has a number of different categories which are outlined below.




(1) Public Area and Amenity Enhancement

Grant support may be provided for small to medium scale community projects which contribute to the enhancement of public and amenity areas within towns and villages in the District. Examples of such works include:

  • general enhancement of public amenity areas (trees, shrubs, flowers, topsoil, hedging, cleaning, painting, planting, hanging baskets, window boxes)
  • development and upgrade of public recreational areas (including signage, information boards, stiles, pathways, fairy trails
  • Improvement works including the provision of special features and the refurbishment of community infrastructure
  • Residents groups improving the physical appearance of the public areas within their estates
  • Support will be given to on-going maintenance


(2) Community Development & Social Inclusion Measures

Any individual, community or voluntary groups providing activities, services and community development/social inclusion activities in their areas may apply. Examples of such groups includes those supporting the elderly, disadvantaged, vulnerable groups, toddler groups etc. Examples of such initiatives include*:

  • Activity programmes (and necessary materials) for such groups as mentioned above
  • Support with the purchase of equipment which will be used by the entire community such

as a toys for toddler groups, community centre catering equipment

  • Day trips and outings for such groups as mentioned above.

*It should be noted that funding for refreshments/lunch/hire of venues will not be funded.


(3) Climate Change Action Initiatives

Grant support may be provided for small to medium scale community projects which contribute to Climate Change Action within Edenderry Municipal District. Funding will also be available for Projects to increase Community Mobilisation and Community Resilience in relation to Climate Change Action. Examples of such initiatives include*:

  • Climate change educational and training; such as youth and/or community camps, programmes, projects, educational day trips. i.e. visits to eco villages
  • Community initiatives or programmes; such as weather stations, biodiversity projects, pollinator friendly zones, bug hotels, recycling projects
  • Development of partnerships and community groups such as Green Clubs / Community Climate Action Groups
  • Community Food Production Projects such as grow your own zones, community orchids, land use initiatives

*It should be noted that funding for refreshments/lunch/hire of venues will not be funded.


(4) Measures to increase Participation in Sport / Physical Activities or to improve Health and Well-being

Grant support may be provided for small to medium scale community projects which will support individual or community involvement in sport or physical activity and also increase the health and well-being of individuals and the entire community.

Examples of works under the Sport & Physical Activities may include*

  • Small scale development and upgrade of facilities and equipment
  • Support the creation and development of new sports clubs in Edenderry Municipal District
  • Support towards sporting events which the entire community will benefit from
  • Contribution towards the costs associated with attending competitions


Examples of works under the Health and Well-being include;

  • Support the purchase of community equipment such as defibrillators etc
  • Community text alert systems, alert signs, lighting (other than public lighting in community areas);
  • Projects to increase mental health awareness and mental health well-being.

*Funding will not be provided for large scale capital projects; the day-to-day running costs or annual operational costs – insurance, affiliation fees; venue hire; staff costs or entry fees to competitions.


(5) Playgrounds

Grant support may be provided for groups wishing to avail of small scale funding towards the cost of development, upgrading or maintenance of playgrounds.

A county wide policy is being developed in relation to playgrounds. Upon completion this section of the criteria will be updated.  


(6) Burial Grounds

Grant support may be provided for groups who wish to avail of small scale funding towards the cost of upgrade and enhancement of burial grounds.

It should be noted that on-going maintenance expenses including the payment of contracted grass cutting works and the purchase grass cutting equipment are excluded from this scheme.


(7) Supporting the Arts

This scheme supports artists and organisations who stimulate public interest in the Arts. Funding will be considered for applications that promote knowledge and appreciation of the Arts, and also to promote the practice of or improve standards in the Arts Community in Edenderry Municipal District. The following will be considered:

  • Applications which support the Arts
  • Festivals
  • Parades


(8) Christmas Lighting

Groups wishing to avail of small scale funding towards the cost of purchasing or upgrading of

Town / Village Christmas lighting displays can apply.


(9) Development of tourism and the local economy

This scheme supports projects and activities which encourage, promote and enhance the attractiveness of Edenderry Municipal District as a place to live, work and visit.

Examples of initiatives are;

  • Developing and promoting tourism networks in Edenderry Municipal District.
  • Marketing and promotion of Edenderry Municipal District
  • Initiatives, projects or programmes that increase economic development in Edenderry Municipal District. (Where funding cannot be provided from any other source)


(10) Youth projects within in the community

This scheme supports projects and activities that encourage youths to get involved with their community on a voluntary basis. This scheme will also support programmes that help create opportunities for young people to make new friendships and connections across different community and social groups. (Examples of social groups are senior citizens, people with disabilities etc). Examples of initiatives that will be supported are;

  • Contribute toward the costs of youths working with various social groups
  • Development of projects / programmes that help youths identify themselves as important members of the community
  • Projects in relation to youths volunteering with animal welfare and the environment
  • Development of workshops / programmes / material that will help youth development within the community (which cannot be funded by any other source)


Funding Principles

For those who are granted over €750 in any given year, these groups will not be eligible to apply for funding for a further 3 years (up to the end of the current term of office of this council).

Applicants who are granted up to and including €750 will be considered for funding in further years, subject to the submission of a completed application form and available funding.

The maximum amount awarded to any application submitted during the lifetime of this scheme to June 2024 is €3,500.


A copy of all receipts must be forwarded to;

Meetings Administrator

Municipal District of Edenderry

Town Hall



Acknowledgement of Funding

All funding must be publically acknowledged by the recipient. It is the responsibility of the recipient to arrange this public acknowledgement or signage.

The Offaly County Council Logo must be used. An Example of the wording is This __ was kindly supported by the Edenderry Municipal District Community Support Scheme.  Fill in the blank as appropriate.


Edenderry Municipal District acknowledge that some projects are difficult to publically acknowledge, in this instance you can contact the Edenderry Municipal District Office for clarification.

Edenderry Municipal District require the recipient to submit a photo of the acknowledgement showing its visibility to the public. All projects are subject to possible audit and this evidence will be required.

Edenderry Municipal District will advertise on the local papers who it awarded funding to.

Tax Details

A Tax Clearance Certificate / Tax Registration Number for Voluntary Non-Profit Organisations MUST be provided on the application form.


Applications that do not provide either a Tax Clearance Certificate / Tax Registration Number cannot be considered by Edenderry Municipal District and will be returned to the applicant.


Please note that obtaining a Tax Registration Number for Voluntary Non-Profit Organisations can be a lengthy process and is obtained from Revenue – not Offaly County Council.

Payments are made by electronic funds transfers from our headquarters in Tullamore.  Payment can take a number of weeks to process, particular if this group/committee have not received payment in the past.

Downloaded the application form here: EMD Community Grants Application Form 2023.pdf (size 101.5 KB)

Background criteria can be found here: EMD Community Grants Criteria 2023.pdf (size 346.1 KB)