Minutes of Municipal District of Tullamore Meetings

The monthly meetings of Tullamore Municipal District are held on the second Thursday of every month, with the exception of August, at 4.00p.m. in the Town Hall, Tullamore.


December Monthly Meeting.pdf (size 577.8 KB)

November Monthly Meeting.pdf (size 573.9 KB)

October Monthly Meeting.pdf (size 588.5 KB)

September Monthly Meeting.pdf (size 470.6 KB)

July Monthly Meeting.pdf (size 555.2 KB)

June Monthly Meeting.pdf (size 573.8 KB)

May Monthly Meeting.pdf (size 580.8 KB)

April Monthly Meeting.pdf (size 591.2 KB)

March Monthly Meeting.pdf (size 574.4 KB)

February Monthly Meeting.pdf (size 676.4 KB)

January Monthly Meeting.pdf (size 582.7 KB)


January 2019.pdf (size 282.3 KB)

February 2019.pdf (size 308 KB)

March 2019.pdf (size 377.3 KB)

April 2019.pdf (size 288.8 KB)

May 2019.pdf (size 290.7 KB)

June 2019.pdf (size 294.3 KB)

2019 Annual Meeting.pdf (size 364.6 KB)

July 2019.pdf (size 333.7 KB)

September 2019.pdf (size 298.1 KB)

October 2019.pdf (size 309.7 KB)

November 2019.pdf (size 357.1 KB)

December 2019.pdf (size 585.4 KB)


January 2018.pdf (size 368.6 KB)

February 2018.pdf (size 368.3 KB)

March 2018.pdf (size 359.9 KB)

April 2018.pdf (size 295.3 KB)

May 2018.pdf (size 373.3 KB)

June 2018.pdf (size 378.9 KB)

July 2018.pdf (size 375.8 KB)

September 2018.pdf (size 304.7 KB)

October 2018.pdf (size 293.7 KB)

November 2018.pdf (size 296.8 KB)

December 2018.pdf (size 308.2 KB)


January 2017.pdf (size 46.2 KB)

February 2017.pdf (size 543.7 KB)

March 2017.pdf (size 464.7 KB)

April 2017.pdf (size 539.7 KB)

May 2017.pdf (size 544.1 KB)

June 2017.pdf (size 373.7 KB)

July 2017.pdf (size 530.7 KB)

September 2017.pdf (size 287.1 KB)

October 2017.pdf (size 379.8 KB)

November 2017.pdf (size 311.4 KB)

December 2017.pdf (size 373.2 KB)