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Grand Canal Dock Tullamore

Strategically located in the centre of Tullamore is Grand Canal Harbour, which in the early 19th century was once a bustling trading location along the Grand Canal, linking Dublin to the Midlands and west of Ireland.

With the demise in use of the canal for trading purposes, the harbour area was neglected in development terms and laterally has been the centre for lock-gate manufacture and mechanical workshops for Waterways Ireland, behind high walls and dilapidated buildings. 

The Tullamore Harbour site is cited as an opportunity site in the current development Plan. It has potential as a transformational urban development site for Tullamore, encompassing a multiplicity of possible business, innovation, residential and amenity uses.

Waterways Ireland is relocating to another site just outside Tullamore, which will result in the harbour site being potentially available for redevelopment.