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Planning Application: 18230

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Acknowledgement / Validation Letter 196 KbJPEGView
Appeal Notification 32125 KbJPEGView
Application - Cover Letter 1388 KbJPEGView
Application Form - Part A 1498 KbJPEGView
Application Form - Part B 188 KbJPEGView
Chief Executives Order 2170 KbJPEGView
EIARVolume 1 List of Contents1145 KbJPEGView
EIARVol.1 Intro., Descr., Conclusion12884 KbJPEGView
EIARVolume 1 Annex 1 Outline Constr. Methodology11340 KbJPEGView
EIARVolume 1 Annex 2 Ecological Impact Assess. Report15681 KbJPEGView
EIARVolume 1 Annex 3 Approp. Assessment Screen.Report12746 KbJPEGView
EIARVolume 1 Annex 4 Hydrol.,Geo.& Hydrog. Assessment12494 KbJPEGView
EIARVolume 1 Annex 5 Cultural Heritage Imp. Assessment12023 KbJPEGView
EIARVolume 1 Annex 6 Traffic Management Report11057 KbJPEGView
EIARVolume 1 Annex 7 OutlineConstr. Env. Mgmt. Plan11261 KbJPEGView
EIARVolume 2 (Wind Farm) Chapters 1 to 516354 KbJPEGView
EIARVolume 2 (Wind farm) Chapter 6 Ecology120754 KbJPEGView
EIARVolume 2 (Wind Farm) Chapter 6 Natura Impact Stat.19431 KbJPEGView
EIARVolume 2 (Wind Farm) Chapters 7 to 914594 KbJPEGView
EIARVolume 2 (Wind Farm) Chapters 10 and 11110360 KbJPEGView
EIARVolume 2 (Wind Farm) Chapters 12 to 1618451 KbJPEGView
EIARVolume 2 (Wind Farm) Chapters 17 to 1915326 KbJPEGView
EIARVolume 2 (Wind Farm) Non-Technical Summary11851 KbJPEGView
EIARVolume 3 (Grid Connection) Addendum EIS15073 KbJPEGView
F.I. Publication Request Letter 2297 KbJPEGView
F.I. Receipt Ack. LetterSignificant FI &Publication of Notices174 KbJPEGView
F.I. Received Doc. 467147 KbJPEGView
F.I. Request Letter 1362 KbJPEGView
F.I. Request LetterRequest Additional Copies2122 KbJPEGView
Fee Receipt 132 KbJPEGView
Land owner consent 2735 KbJPEGView
Newspaper Notice 1225 KbJPEGView
Notification of Decision Letters 1485 KbJPEGView
Notification to third parties and State bodies 21214 KbJPEGView
Planners Report 22217 KbJPEGView
Plans, Sections, ElevationsProposed Bridge Crossing Details1116 KbJPEGView
Plans, Sections, ElevationsThrough Road & Through Off Road Sections1185 KbJPEGView
Plans, Sections, ElevationsTypical Joint Bay Entry Details1103 KbJPEGView
Plans, Sections, ElevationsTypical Communications Chamber Details149 KbJPEGView
Plans, Sections, ElevationsTypical Culvert/Service Crossing Details1131 KbJPEGView
Plans, Sections, ElevationsTypical Temp & Permanent Reinstatement of Roads165 KbJPEGView
Plans, Sections, ElevationsTypical Directional Drilling Rail Crossing Detail189 KbJPEGView
Plans, Sections, Elevations38kV Heavy Angle Portal Structure (HAP)143 KbJPEGView
Plans, Sections, Elevations38kV Three Pole Structure144 KbJPEGView
Plans, Sections, Elevations38kV light Angle Suspension & Strain (LAP)142 KbJPEGView
Plans, Sections, Elevations38kV Single Pole Intermed. Structure (IMP)136 KbJPEGView
Plans, Sections, Elevations38kV Portal Suspension & Strain (IMP)139 KbJPEGView
Report Received from External Body 3495 KbJPEGView
Report Received from Internal Staff 1951 KbJPEGView
Report Request Letter to External Body 21398 KbJPEGView
Schedule of Conditions 157 KbJPEGView
Significant FI News Paper NoticeNot Correct2370 KbJPEGView
Significant FI News Paper NoticeCorrect1248 KbJPEGView
Significant FI Site Notice 2282 KbJPEGView
Site LayoutUnderground Cable Accessing the N62169 KbJPEGView
Site LayoutCable Design Route Junction N62 and L3006157 KbJPEGView
Site LayoutUndergr.Cable Access.Private Lands before 01TPS168 KbJPEGView
Site LayoutOverhead Line Crossing Local Road181 KbJPEGView
Site LayoutJunction R439 and L70152155 KbJPEGView
Site LayoutUnderground Cable Accessing R439167 KbJPEGView
Site LayoutSubstation Connections1127 KbJPEGView
Site location mapOverall1145 KbJPEGView
Site location map 6700 KbJPEGView
Site Notice 168 KbJPEGView
Submission 3241 KbJPEGView
Submission Acknowledgment 3316 KbJPEGView
Submission Receipt 3126 KbJPEGView
Validation Check List 150 KbJPEGView

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