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Interagency Refugee Resettlement Programme

Offaly Migrant Integration Strategy

The 5 year Offaly Migrant Integration Strategy was developed from commitments which were included in the national Migrant Integration Strategy 2017-2020 ‘A Blueprint For All’, which was adopted by the Government. The national strategy commits local authorities to develop Integration Strategies and establish Migrant Integration Forums in every local authority area.

The aim of the strategy is to work towards creating an inclusive and intercultural society where all residents of the county are valued equally. In terms of nationality, ethnicity, language, culture and religion, our population is growing ever more diverse.

The 2016 Census shows that 8.5% of the population in Offaly is comprised of non-Irish nationals. The were 6,617 non-Irish nationals, where the most common non-Irish nationality was Polish (29%) followed by UK citizens (20%) and Lithuanians (16%). It is therefore essential that as Irish society is changing, public policy and service provision must change with it.

Two of the key actions contained in the Offaly Migrant Integration Strategy are:

  • Establish a Migrant Interagency Working Group to advise and monitor the Integration Strategy
  • Establish a Migrant Integration Forum through existing Public Participation Network Structures