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HSE Talking Health and Wellbeing Podcast, Episode 23 – Healthy Lunchboxes for Kids

In this episode we talk to Marian McBride, HSE Health & Wellbeing Dietetic Lead, about Healthy Lunchboxes for Kids and much more. There are lots of tips about healthier food options to try at children’s meal times and advice about what foods to include and what to leave out.

Hosted by Eamon Keogh, the episode includes new ideas on how to achieve a balanced diet for children.

Marian shares her professional and personal experiences about the most effective ways to introduce new foods into a child’s diet. She explains why it is important to support kids at a young age to develop a healthy relationship with food and what that means.

She also talks about how parents should give themselves a break and while it may not work the first time, she encourages parent’s to keep trying to introduce those healthier options into meal times and into lunchboxes. For more information and ideas visit: or

Marian also talks about the resources HSE Health & Wellbeing have developed to support schools and teachers to support a healthier food environment. All designed to help all children to eat a balanced diet at home and at school.

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