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Trade Plate Licence

Trade Plates

To enable a person involved in the sale and repair of vehicles to carry out their business, a facility exists whereby on payment of an annual licence fee a special unique number (Trade Plate) may be assigned to that business. The Trade Plate can be displayed on any vehicle used as part of the traders business.
All Trade Plates are issued with effect from 1st January and expire on 31st December in the same year (any Trade Plate issued after January will still expire on 31st December in the same year of issue).

How to Apply for a Trade Plate

  1. Applicant must have a Garage Code, issued by the Vehicle Registration Unit.  If the applicant does not have a garage code then they need to apply to the Vehicle Registration Unit, Shannon, Co. Clare for one. 
  2. Application Form RF700 must be completed
  3. The applicant must supply the VAT number of the registered business or their own PPSN if not registered for VAT this is to help in creating a new change of ownership facility being set up by the Vehicle Registration Unit.
  4. Old Trade Plates must be surrendered (this is not requested during COVID 19 pandemic)
  5. Original Certificate of Insurance must be produced
  6. Appropriate Fee (see below)
  7. In the case of a first application it is advisable that you contact the Authorised Officer at 057 9346800 to arrange an appointment for your premises to be inspected.
Category of VehicleInitial Trade Licence/ PlateReplacement Trade Licence/Plate
Motor Cycle only€59 (single plate)€38 (single plate)
All other Vehicles€353 (pair of plates)€86 (pair of plates)