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Traveller Accommodation Support

Traveller Accommodation Options

The Council provides and manages both standard and specialist accommodation for the traveller community.  A five year programme for the provision of accommodation for traveller families is in place which sets out the targets for the provision of various forms of accommodation such as the following:

  • Standard accommodation in Local Authority/ Approved Housing Bodies/RAS/Leasing/HAP accommodation.
  • Group Housing which allows for the accommodation of a number of Traveller families at the one location in small estates.
  • Serviced Halting Sites – where Traveller’s caravans/mobile homes can be accommodated on bays which have serviced units.

Click here to download the Traveller Accommodation Programme 2019 – 2024 (size 424 KB)   

The Local Traveller Accommodation Consultative Committee (LTACC) for county Offaly is comprised of County Councillors, Council officials, Travellers and Traveller Representatives as required under the Housing (Traveller) Accommodation Act 1998. This Committee advises the Council on all matters relating to travellers and in particular their housing needs.