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Vacant Homes & Croi Conaithe

The role of the Vacant Homes Office is to identify vacant properties in County Offaly, particularly in areas of high demand, and to facilitate their return to use as housing units.  The Vacant Homes Officer will work with property owners to bring vacant properties back into use for social and private housing purposes.

The main schemes available to Offaly County Council for this purpose are:

The Vacant Homes Office can be contacted at (057) 934 6800 or via e-mail at or the website vacant homes.

You can also report properties that you believe to be vacant by clicking here and these will be investigated by the Vacant Homes Officer. Reports can also be made anonymously.

Buy & Renew Scheme: 

This scheme is for Local Authorities to purchase and renew housing units that are in need of repair and make them available for Social Housing. Properties may be purchased following engagement and agreement with the property owner or acquired through compulsory purchase by the Local Authority. 

Long Term Leasing:

The long term leasing initiative may be an option for you if you own a house or apartment that is vacant and in good condition. The Local Authority will enter into a contractual agreement with the landlord to make housing available to the Local Authority for an agreed term. The terms of this contract will be negotiated between the two parties. The accommodation may be an existing property or a new build. Click here for other leasing options.

Housing Assistance Payment (HAP):

The Housing Assistance Payment is a form of Social Housing support provided to those who qualify for assistance and have a long term housing need. Under the scheme, payments are made on behalf of tenants directly to the landlord subject to maximum rents limits. The benefits of HAP as a property owner are:

  • Direct Electronic Monthly Payment
  • Consistency of payment
  • Low administration i.e. no collection of rent from tenants
  • 100% tax relief on mortgage interest as an expense against rental income

Note: Homeless HAP is similar to HAP but differs in that it provides discretion to exceed the HAP rent limits for homeless households. 

For more information visit or click here for more landlord information.