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Green Energy

Heritage of Energy Generation

Offaly has a rich history of energy generation. ESB’s giant cooling towers at Rhode have given way to a Green Energy Park which is set to embrace a number of co-located green energy projects. Power generation sites, grid infrastructure, staff skilled in energy production are all legacies of peat-fired electricity production. At one point, Offaly was producing 350MW of peat-fired electricity. This rich heritage of energy generation is now contributing strongly to a green energy transition. Bord na Mona’s Mount Lucas wind farm and amenity is nearby and there are plans throughout the County for solar farms, additional windfarms, biomass/gasification projects and spin-off industries using excess heat. These spin-off industries include green energy driven data centres and horticultural produce grown in polytunnels.  Lumcloon Energy situated in West Offaly will be the largest battery storage project in Western Europe.

Green Energy Transition

Offaly is leading the way in Green Energy Production and is attracting a lot of interest as a location for cutting-edge Green Technologies.

Offaly County Council is committed to sustainable economic development and the creation of eco-systems for enterprises to co-locate, decarbonise and utilise waste heat and energy for a range of users including industry, horticulture and community benefit.

A potential c.1.5GW of renewable energy generation and storage, only 30 – 80 km from the Greater Dublin Area presents an unprecedented opportunity for large energy users and employers to establish in Offaly.

Offaly has transitioned from peat-fired electricity to green energy production. The County is now leading the way in Green Energy Production with almost 1G in operational/permitted renewables. These include wind, solar, hydrogen electrolysers, biomass methanisation, and synchronous compensator. The pipeline of additional projects may raise this to c1.5GW of renewable energies. In addition, Offaly is home to some cutting-edge Battery Storage projects.

Rhode Opportunity Assessment

In 2020, Offaly County Council and North Offaly Development Fund CLG commissioned RPS to undertake an Opportunity Assessment Report for Rhode in North Offaly. The full report outlining the key points are available below.

Rhode Opportunity Assessment Report

In June 2021, Offaly County Council, North Offaly Development Fund CLG and RPS presented at the Energy Ireland: Hydrogen Conference. The presentation covered Offaly’s transition to Green Energy and a proposed Feasibility Study to investigate the feasibility of creating a green hydrogen demonstration hub at Rhode Green Energy Park, integrating energy from renewable electricity with the gas network: link to presentation.

Potential for Renewable Hydrogen Demonstrator Hub Defined for Offaly in the Irish Midlands

A renewable hydrogen demonstrator proposal, with high-level cost and Net Present Value (NPV) estimates has been defined for Rhode Green Energy Park in Offaly.  This in-depth study was funded by Gas Networks Ireland (GNI) via the Gas Innovation Fund, with contributions from North Offaly Development Fund, Bord na Mona and SSE. Offaly County Council provided in-kind contributions. RPS led the study and was supported by University of Galway and University College Dublin.

Download the Rhode Renewable Hydrogen Feasibility Study here.

The study, commissioned by the North Offaly Development Fund, focusses on the potential for capturing curtailed / constrained wind power for powering an electrolyser to produce renewable hydrogen.  Options for how this renewable hydrogen could be used locally are explored including injection to the gas grid, electricity generation, district heating and use in transportation fleets.  The study concludes that the project has real potential to be developed at Rhode Green Energy Park where there is a convergence of electricity grid, renewables and gas infrastructure. Furthermore, the Park is strategically located in the Irish Midlands, close to the M6 Motorway.

Project Partners: Representatives from Offaly County Council, North Offaly Development Fund, RPS, Bord na Móna, University of Galway, SSE and Gas Networks Ireland (GNI).
Wider Group: Representatives from Offaly County Council, North Offaly Development Fund, RPS, Bord na Móna, University of Galway, SSE, IDA, Dept. of Environment, Climate and Communications, Gas Networks Ireland Ltd.

Battery Storage

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) projects utilise high power batteries to provide System Services to suit the Irish power system needs, under the DS3 System Service programme. Lumcloon Energy has two BESS (Battery Energy Storage Systems) operational in West Offaly – Shannonbridge 100MW BESS and Lumcloon 100MW BESS. The projects are being developed in collaboration with South Korean conglomerate Hanwha Energy Corporation, who bring a wealth of experience and expertise in the deployment and operation of BESS. A further 200 MW has been consented.

Exploring Data Centre Integration with Renewable Energy & Green Hydrogen in the Midlands

This is a research project exploring the potential and opportunities for the integration of a data centre with renewable energy and green hydrogen in the Midlands. Siemens are the project consultants.

Data Centre Integration with Renewables Energy Report

This Study is co-funded by the Just Transition Fund and North Offaly Development Fund (NODF) and lays out an action plan for the integration of large-scale energy users with renewable energy generation.

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